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ALERT – Know Who Is Calling You


ALERT – Know Who Is Calling You

Contributed by Melanie Corrin, Partner

Joseph & Hall P.C.  wants to make sure you are aware of fraudulent activity that is happening nation wide.  Today, a client of ours called to let us know that yesterday he received a call on his personal cell phone from a man purporting to be a government immigration officer.  The person on the phone knew his home address and his cell number.  The caller ID said “911”.  The person said the government was taking action to deport him, and that they were going to deport his dependent too.  Thankfully the client hung up, called us, and did a Google search.  What came up was a number of sites regarding on-going threatening calls and scams.

Please be careful, if anyone calls you saying they are an immigration officer, direct them immediately to us.  We will reach out and determine whether there is an issue.  Here is a link to an alert sent out by United States Citizenship & Immigration Service on this issue.


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