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Our Approach / Our Clients

Our Approach

Joseph & Hall P.C. prides itself on getting to know the clients with whom we work and understanding our clients’ cultures, structures, strategic visions and goals. We work with individuals, families and employers to solve short-term immigration needs but also to plan proactive strategies to achieve the future immigration goals of our clients.

Under the current immigration system, individuals, families, and employers have to face the challenges of lengthy backlogs in the immigrant visa categories, arbitrary caps on professional and seasonal visas and the absence of a visa category altogether for workers in lower skilled jobs. Joseph & Hall P.C. strongly believes that the service we provide to individuals, families and employers goes beyond getting a visa in a person’s passport. Rather, we work with employers to create both a short term strategy to address the client’s immediate needs and a long term strategy to deal with the consistent problems in the immigration system. Joseph & Hall P.C. is able to think outside the box to craft creative immigration strategies for our clients. By long term planning, we are able to find temporary ways to get our clients status quickly while at the same time begin thinking about ways to create a pathway to more permanent status.

Joseph & Hall P.C. also represents employers in employer compliance and I-9 audits. We assist employers in creating proactive best practices to mitigate potential liability in the case of an I-9 inspection by the Department of Homeland Security. Our litigation background also enables us to effectively defend employers in Homeland Security investigations, raids and sanctions.

Our Clients

Joseph & Hall P.C. represents clients in the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Tourism, Resort and Hospitality
  • Education
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment and the Arts
  • Sciences and Medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Seasonal Workers


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